Option Trading Strategies Free Stuff!

My ebook on option trading strategies Beating Wall Street 1% at a Time is live on Amazon! ┬áIf you read this book and have any questions or comments please feel free to email me at info@theoptiontradingstrategies.com. In response to reader demand, I am in the process of creating a spreadsheet that will simplify some of the calculations used in the book. Sign up your email address on the right and when the spreadsheet is complete I will let readers know how they can obtain it. I hardly send any emails so don’t worry about the typical “email-a-day” promotions other website’s email sign-ups receive.

Besides emailing me, feel free to post any comments or questions here on this blog. I will probably get a FAQ going when I see what kind of option trading strategy questions arise. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Lots of traders are sttanirg to realise that manual strategies often out-perform the wild claims made by most EA vendors. Understanding the strategy you trade places you way out in front of the crowd so don’t give up your edge !

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